At the age of 27 I journied to Europe to fulfil a dream. Who was I to limmit possibilities when god was the greatest wonder. If the passion was in me then I had to fulfil it and learn what It wanted to teach me. But for 3 months the doors I wanted open were closing on me! no job. no home. no entry to the schools I desired to ba apart of. After 3 months at the deepest moment of dispare with no money and in a house of missionary Christians who were supposedly friends, daily going to work on me to beleive their god. I remembered the teaching from the Torah; when you are in the depths deep down always look to someone above to help pull you out. That was just what I did. I reached out to my parents to pay my flight and go see the only thing I had the courage to do- Go see the Death Camp Auschwitz.. 
This was the first time in my life where my mind and heart connected to one! others said I was crazy. If that was what I had the ONLY strength to do- it was clear to me that was my path to walk. I found my journey take a twist and lead me to the death camps in Poland. In Krakow I discovered for the first time in my life that what i was taught was only partial truth. In a place I expected to see the harshest antisemetism- I was greeted with the total opposite. For 3 days I walked the streets dismayed. I went to a place with so much death to discover the meening of life.
 I missed the bus to Auschwitz and a few hours later met my husband instead at the back of a synagogue in the only Kosher Falafel place in town.  There the most unexpected doors opened up for me- A Fantastic job found me. An appartment found me. my husband found me. and my lifes work found me. God “saying” look for life. Not death.
On this whole journey before and during Poland I met three healers: from Austria, Germany and Poland and each told me I would be doing one day what they did. I had no idea how. the final healer in Poland who happened to also be a family member of my husband told me I must study Lone Sorensen’s methods. At the time She had already been a Facial Reflexologist SorensensistemTM therapist for 10 years. She told me it was one of the most effective methods for analysing and treating the reason of illness in the body. So I did. but still something was missing. After deeper work on one of my great weaknesses did Lone’s most advanced method open up to me. 
Temprana Neuro Reflex Therapy was there infront of me for over 4 years. but I had no interest. As part of working on what was actually under the anger with my teacher I was told that I still had not fulfilled myself and thats where a lot of my anger was coming from. My guide asked me: What would you do if you had 22 million dollars in your pocket. and quick as a lightning I thaught- Give people their Brains back. It suddenly all connected- my life and experience with my father all led to the point: Temprana Neuro Reflex Therapy By Lone Sorensen. Understanding my own father’s brain. I never wanted to know about his Autism. There were no excuses for what I experienced. But Temprana alowed me to slowly forgive and open up a relationship with my father I thaught was lost. 
  I invite you to share this beutiful journey to help others over come what I have learned and still learn. Its an every day practice and choice with many falls along the way. The point is how to fall right and get up again to grow on the path so we can enjoy all possitive we have aquired for Shabat.

Health is comprised of the food you eat, thoughts you breath, people surrounding you, environment, work, life purpose,

Physical therapies and energetic journeys are an important part of this whole system. an important part that allows you to complete the picture of your health.





 Deepak Chopra has shown in his famous 21 meditation plan:

It takes 21 days, with every day practice, to break bad patterns and habits!! 

Coming on a regular basis is important, especially with all the bombardment of technology, fast pace living, fast food and more…. that isn’t natural to our body. Today, more than ever, we require the physical therapist to support our body from crashing down!

What I beleive!?

“ A wise man should consider that health is the greatest human blessing, and learn how by his thought to derive benefits from his illnesses” (Hippocrates) 
I feel passionate about helping you function at your best.
 Reflex Therapy at the heart of Jerusalem Treatments close to the Dan Botique hotel, Mount Zion Hotel, First station, and khan Theater. Treatments are performed in a historic neighborhood of Jerusalem which channels positive energy into you from its floors grounded in history

  I invite you to join me and the universe on a special journey together.

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