color light therapy

healing power of colors

over 4,000 years old


the secrets of color therapy was known and used by tibetan medicine, tibetan buddhism, chinese medicine, aboriginal Australian, the ancient egyptians,  

Middle Ages- Paracelsus

Paracelsus, who today is thought as being one of the greatest doctor and healer of his time, advocated that the rays of colored light can and should be used for healing.


  • Isaac Newton- 
    1672, published his first, controversial paper on
    color, and forty years later, his work ‘Opticks’.
  • In 1810, Johann Wolfgang Goethe published “The Theory of Color” describing his systematically
    study of the physiological effects of color
  • In 1878, Dr. Edwin Babbitt published “Principals of Light and Color” where he described various
    techniques of healing with color
  • Niels Finsen from Denmark discovered that solar ultra-violet light inhibits the growth of bacteria, in
    1977. He studied the use of light in the healing of wounds and used red to inhibit the formation of
    small pox scars.
  • in the 20th century Dinshah Ghadiali a scientist from India lade the foundation for the today modern day color light therapy.

what to expect

a session is either on its own or combined with another therapy.

a typical treatment last 20 min. 

beams of light, in the color most needed by the individual at that moment, are used on key points of the body 

influencing the huge system of energetic color paths surrounding and intermingling with every inch of our body and spirit 

what can color light help you with?

to name a few….


sleep issues

hormonal fluctuations



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