Hi Chamutal, You wouldn’t believe the effect that your tipul had on me this morning! You’ll laugh, it was really funny...! I slept well, falling asleep immediately, and then woke early this morning, at 4.40ish, sprang out of bed, and immediately began clearing up an area of the house that has bugged me with its clutter for ages! I cleared for some 2 and a half hours, and it flowed effortlessly – quite unusual for me. I didn’t have to think what I would do with something – I just knew. And I worked hard and steadily. Also interesting because there’s usually angst in clear out: Can I let go of this? Etc. I got to a really satisfying state of order and the ability to make decisions about things I’ve been fluffing and hesitating about for ages. And then went on to have a very successful and productive morning! Your tipul had an amazing effect! lots of love, and THANK YOU Aloma
Aloma Halter
I was badly injured in my lower back. I couldn't even move or lie down without pain. Chamutal Advised on 3 treatments a week. After a week I felt dramaticaly better and all my pain was gone after three weeks. Until today (Already two years since we finnished the process) I had no reacuring lower back pain problems.The treatments itself goes very deep. Although based in the area of the face I could feel its affects directly on my lower back muscles. I recomend Chamutal's treatment to anyone who wants to improve their health and solve chronical problems that are not able to solve with traditional medication.
Shachar Czubacki
Lovely, subtle, immensely feminine.. The treatment had a ripple effect throughout the day, as if some emotional blockage that I was not aware of had been removed. I felt liberated and more whole, together in mind and body. Highly recommend Hamutal
Yoga Teacher
I was at Hamutal for facial treatment, and it was a great experience! Hamutal touches the dots inside and brings them to life. The treatment is soothing, and puts you in such a meditative state. I went to Hamutal to treat something specific that I had a problem with, and about five days after the treatment I already saw results. It happened already after 3 times I went to her, less than a week later I saw results. A real wonder! Everything is calm and peaceful all around, the face is calm and it is impossible not to relax and fall asleep. It's a wonderful experience Highly recommend!
Netta Wohlgelernter
I came to Hamutal pregnant and really enjoyed her treatments. During and after each treatment I felt calm, peaceful, relaxed and flowing. I felt that the treatment very much balances the body and mind. Strongly recommends!
Elinor Dahan
Hamutal, I wanted to share with you that the process I went through in your treatments was life-changing. I came following eczema on the skin of my hands very severe, throughout the treatment the eczema got better, from a place of redness and itching to a place of a little dryness here and there, I really remember that throughout the process if I missed a week with you I felt the consequences right in my hands, and mind. You gave me the opportunity to dive in to myself, to the past, to painful feelings that left an impression on my body, in fact you opened a whole journey with myself that I am still in the process of empowering and healing in front of him .. You gave me calm and serenity in a load of tiring routine School day + one and a half year old baby + second pregnancy.) Your treatment really saved me, kept me afloat. You had the combination of the physical world - an explanation of the lungs and liver and where there is physical weakness, tips on how to improve my longevity, from proper nutrition to good sleep, natural creams for application .. and the emotional world of what every painful place indicates the world of emotion .. In the most harmonious and natural way. Thank you ! The treatment still resonates in me, leaving positive and deep impressions in my mind. You are a therapist with grace. Truly and sincerely.