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Facial Reflex Therapy is intended for babies, children and adults who need a gentle yet deep and effective therapy 

what is Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem?

 Facial Reflexology brings into balance and treats disease and symptoms through touch of the reflex zones and points on the face. 


You can use Facial Reflexology for a variety of problems and symptoms:

-Neuropsychological and Brain disease

-organ related symptoms

-muscle pain and tension

-stress related symptoms

-hormonal imbalances

-Emotional imbalances


Facial Reflexology Analyzes and treats the cause, reason and symptoms the individual is struggling with.


Who is the founder of Sorensensystem?

Facial Reflex therapy Sorensensistem™ was born in 1988.  

Its roots date back many centuries, as it is based on a wide variety of traditions and practices. 

This technique combines both ancient and modern therapies, as well as knowledge of anatomy and physiology, with the potential to balance the individual on all levels, that is, physically, psychologically and energetically!


What does Facial Reflex Therapy consist of?

Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem™ combines Chinese meridians theory and acupuncture, Vietnamese and South American body maps and modern science of neuroanatomy. This allows the therapist to identify imbalances in the client’s health and provides the knowledge to begin the process of healing using the body to balance these disciplines.

What others say about Facial Reflex Therapy

Marie MJ Ryberg, Colonel of the US military

Marie was 80% disabled and suffered severe PTSD as a result of 21 years of work in the military. Listen to how she was helped with Facial Reflex Therapy by Lone Sorensen. Maria Ryberg's life project is to help other soldiers with PTSD with, among others, Lone Sorensen's methods and she is soon finished with a fantastic rehabilitation project in Missouri. (listen to story live by clicking on the heading)

what to expect

a session is either on its own or combined with another therapy.

a typical treatment last 50 min. 

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