neuro-foot reflex therapy

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connecting to your body and being through your spine safely and powerfuly

praxis vertebralis is one of the oldest medical treatments that we know of nowadays

neuro foot origins go back to 460-377 b.c. hipocrates time

created by Lone Sorensen is a neurological technique With this technique you are able to restore balance in the body physically, chemically, biologically and mentally and also balance postural problems.

Since the method first appeared in Tibet about 500 years f.Kr the method was performed directly on the spine. The ancient technique has been renewed and studied by doctors in Argentina, which has elucidated more accurate neurological connections.

Now it’s possible to perform the method from areas and points on the feet.

what to expect

a session is either on its own or combined with another therapy

a typical treatment last 50 min. 

touch on key points of foot, according to need by the individual

influencing the nerve system  of your body 

what can neuro-foot reflex therapy help you with?

to name a few….

back pain

sleep difficulty




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